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Tenth week in and week day and night match Preview: Bear VS Packers
On the tenth week of the Sunday Night game, the Bears and Packers in NFL history on this 190th most famous duel between rival will be staged in Islamabad stadium Green Bay. This long history of two of the most veteran team together, there were 22 nfl jerseys championship (Super Bowl era five titles), 57 cheap nfl jerseys Hall of Famer. Currently leading Bears battle to keep the total 93 wins, six draws and 90 negative. In the two teams clash in the first four weeks, the first in NFL history there have been no secondary audience punt event. So this fight, clashes between the two sides still have such a grand occasion of it? See the following analysis teams.

Bears: record of 3 wins and 5 losses have been partitioned to lead the Lions, Packers (both 5-3) opened body position, and the National League wild card competition strong in order to allow the Bears to compete for the playoffs only select a division title, so the partition civil war five games the next half of the Bears are all round. Bears had been on the road the Patriots losing a large margin, after a week off-season has been adjusted.

Offensive group: quarterback Jay - Cutler (Jay Cutler) 2093 Ma +17 +8 passing touchdowns steals data appears to be, but he repeatedly ball dropped at a critical stage of the game, and even sent directly to decide the game mistakes, there is no proper core style. Running back Matt - Forte (Matt Forte) is still flashing, rushed the ball 562 yards 3 touchdowns access data +58 490 yards 3 touchdowns is very versatile, in which the ball 490 yards to lead the league in all running back. Matt Ruth Everett - (Martellus Bennett) 47 connected to Bennett 517 yards touchdowns 5 can not be ignored. Outside the three-year erupted last year took over al-Shen - Jeffrey (Alshon Jeffery) continue to have 38 access 563 yards 3 touchdowns shot to play, but rather another Gemini, Cutler old partner Brandon - Marshall (Brandon Marshall ) 34 5 384 yards touchdowns then more sluggish. Bears offensive line is a hidden danger, every week due to injury forced personnel changes, and starting left guard Matt Feng - Reimbursement will have some impact Slawson (Matt Slauson) muscle tear season. Bears weak offensive team against the strength of the Packers defense, we should have a good play.

Defense group: big offseason signings did not have an immediate effect. Mr. Lamar 35 million - after Houston (LaMarr Houston) Patriots backup quarterback sack in garbage time against the Patriots in excessive celebration, a torn knee ligament leads to the season, season sack number of freeze-frame 1. Jared - Alan (Jared Allen) state in general, but rather less well known Willie - Yang (Willie Young) scored seven sacks. Front active play inside this year, Stephen - Peyia (Stephen Paea) 4 sacks, Gerald Meyer - Ratliff (Jeremiah Ratliff) to pay a single field of play 3.5 sack, rookie Andre - Ferguson (Ego Ferguson) 2 sack. Seven-time All-Star Lance - Briggs (Lance Briggs) and linebacker group led by defensive backs aspects are repeated injury blow. Defensive Rookie strong contender, first-round pick cornerback Kyle - Fowler (Kyle Fuller) also had a hand injury. Defense group in this field to stop the Packers offense can be described as a strong long way to go.

Packers: 5 wins, 3 losses and Lion co-lead the National League North, in view of the state of outstanding Lions, Packers To ensure the division title, the impact of the wild card race bye, then, every game is very important, and in this feud grips, anything can happen.

Offensive group: quarterback Aaron - Rogers (Aaron Rodgers) 2092 Ma +19 3 touchdowns steals elite continue to play. Second-year running back Eddie - Lancey (Eddie Lacy) rushed the ball 483 yards four touchdowns out of the early season slump. Jody took over - Nelson (Jurdy Nelson) 50 connected to 737 yards 6 touchdowns, Randall - Cobb (Randoll Cobb) 40 connected to 578 yards 9 touchdowns Rogers right-hand man. Rookie outside Germany took over Aventis - Adams (Devante Adams) 24 then 263 yards reliable third external. Packers offensive group play outstanding performance in this game can be expected, but pay attention to the offensive line to protect against Rogers. It is in the last year, the two teams played against in the first round, Rogers captured and killed collarbone fracture sidelined eight weeks, nearly made the team missed the playoffs.

Defensive Group: Bears Jiujiang Julius - peipers (Julius Peppers) 4 sacks lead the team, Clay - Matthews (Clay Matthews) 2.5 sack of data, although in general, but the data did not show him in anti-run and first-rate performance on pressure. Former first-round pick Nick - Perry (Nick Perry) 3 sacks amazing. Defensive front after several injury blow also find the response options. Inside linebacker AJ- Hawk (A.J.Hawk) and Qiang Wei Morgan - Bennett (Morgan Bennett) tackles to lead the team standings, is the backbone of the defense group. On defense, the experienced Tela Meng - Williams (Tramon Williams), Sam - Shields (Sam Shields) and first-round pick ha ha - Clinton - Dix (Ha Ha Clinton-Dix) after team anti-stick is also the case of their injury, the other bench after getting valuable playing time, the event has improved experience, special skills within a specific time. If effective sniper, then the Bears offensive group, the probability of victory at home will be greatly enhanced.