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Although Shockbyte is devoted to hosting a server for Minecraft, identification is possible and essential. That is an inventory of all the attainable jobs a villager can take. Packages then getting acquainted with Tekkit will take your minecraft internet hosting to an entire new dimension. Shockbyte offers in all its packages a customized IP without spending a dime. All our Minecraft server hosting packages supports Java Edition for Computer, Mac, Home windows and Bedrock Edition for Windows, ios, Android. Any Minecraft server type you may think of is available with ShockByte. It’s additionally very easy to choose your server kind and rise up and operating - you simply must click on on a drop down menu and decide the one that’s right for you. Modpacks are available too, together with Technic and Feed the Beast, whereas it’s possible for users to put in their very own customized server kind with their very own mods. It is possible to store present data. This is a place where you possibly can store player knowledge, money, accounts, passwords, virtual keys, and the like.

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