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Falcon is more likely to wait until next year's break, McKinli is free to travel and harvested a compensation draft. Only the relationship between the two sides in the next two months may be very stiff.

McKinley will appreciate the falcon in the free player market next year, but he first completed the remaining competitions of this season. At the same year's draft conference, McKinley shouted his mood on the stage after being selected by the falcon, and now he needs to have a two-month season.

Bill Executive Corner Weitre Davidius White Fifth Announcement
US Time Wednesday, according to ESPN reporters, Bill has enforced the fifth year of Tre & Rsquo; Davious White, his rookie will expire after the end of 2021.

The raid person will sign the ram line Weaki-Litton for 3 years
US Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the front Little LitTleton will sign a 36 million US dollar contract with the raid person.

Falcon Temporary Cohancy Rachim - Morris criticized McKinoli's speech on social media. "Tak will be asked to take responsibility," he said. "It is necessary to deal with this matter as a team, and it will be directly."

Bill ranked by the team reporter: "This is a matter of course, and the current Bill is not in a hurry to talk about the big contract. But when the renewal time comes, White contract figures may record."

Cowboy with raids trading to external hand Bruce - Butler
Because the star outside the dez bryant fracture, Dallas Cowbi began to make a free player outside, but on Tuesday afternoon, they made a final decision, and traded with the Auckland raid. Brit - Butler.

Benen, in May last year, Yebfaro, and took over the analytical group. He is expected to hire new staff to build a new analysis department, and the current further direction is still unclear. President Bill Russ Brandon explained in detail the task of the analysis department in the past, such as helping the team to decide the ball price. This is slightly deviated with the original intention.

White is the first year of 2017, now is one of the cheap nfl jerseys top corner. He completed 58 hugs last season, 17 times destroyed, 6 copies, 2 times forced the ball, selected for the best lineup and occupational bowls.

As for the murder data, McKinli did not say anything wrong. The Falcon did not get the expected performance from him in the past two years, although he made progress in this season, McKinli's murder data still does not meet the value of the former first round show.

McKinli said on Third on Titte: "These @ Atlantan Femplay refused the quotation of the second round of draft selection when I asked to be traded last year. The same @ 特 大猎 鹰 我 我 我 交 我 被 交 被The fifth round of the team and the sixth round of the transaction offer. My career only achieved 17.5 times. "In the final, McKinley with 3 clown expressions, clearly showing their attitude towards falcon .

Bill coach Shanen McDermott pays attention to analysis of the role of decision-making in rebuilding a big list and competition. The eagle that was previously taking similar action has been successful, and I don't know if Bill can realize my revival.

Steelman mainly swimming Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike, said that the steel man will see the color of Magotanberg, "We have to see what Magarber is at the end." Michel was in an interview Say.

This week they will have a victory to reverse the battle in Monday Night. Titan is currently basically basic and the playoffs, the team is also struggling in the struggle of losing, and the first two beginning performances in the first day of Zach Mettenberger's career, facing He cannot be downturn. However, history is not optimistic about Magarber, since 2004, the new show four-point guard faces the steel person's record is 2 wins and 15 losses.

Last week, Magotanberg was stunned in the first quarter, and completed 5 times 15 yards cheap jerseys from china the first 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the second half was not able to perform again under the pressing pressure of Baltimore Crow. Magotanberg can play a very exciting performance in the case of pocket protection, so the steel man needs this week to take a good job on the shock.

Steel Man Safety: Let's check the level of Magotanberg
In the ninth week and the tenth week, the fire-fighting Pittsburgh steel man was turned to the New York jet. At present, the United States is fierce competition. The four team wins are more than 50%. If the steel man wants to win the name of the United States, it will not be lost in the second half.