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Stoffold alias Stovold, William (b. 1.1) Joan (alias Johanna) Austen (1574-97), baptised at Holy Trinity, Guildford, 22 February 1573/4; married Sir Maurice Abbott (1565-1642), kt., Lord Mayor of London and Governor of the East India Company (who m2, 1598 (licence 27 May), Margaret (d. 1578), daughter of Thomas Mellersh of Nore, Godalming; 2nd, 1579 (licence 30 May) at Shalford, Jane (d. He invested the profits of his activities as a service provider in shopping for property round Guildford and Shalford, culminating in the acquisition (jointly together with his brother George) of the Rectory Manor of Shalford and Bramley in 1599. They commenced constructing Shalford House in 1601. It was completed in 1611. At his death his share of the estate handed to John, the eldest son of his brother George. He was buried at Shalford, 21 May 1660; his will was proved 5 November 1660. If you have any inquiries regarding where by and how to use builders in surrey, you can get hold of us at the web page. His wife's date of dying is unknown. 1728) and his wife Sarah, daughter of Robert or Richard Roper of Gloucester, born about 1700. Chairman of Surrey Quarter Sessions and Receiver General of the County of Surrey, 1742. He married, 21 November 1751 at St Gregory by St. Paul, London, Joan (1702-69), daughter of Lawrence Street of Birtley, Bramley (Surrey), who had initially been employed as companion to his sister, however had no concern (rumours that Joan's nephews, Henry and Robert Stoffold, who became Robert's heirs, have been their illegitimate kids, builders in surrey are apparently unfounded).

Freeman of Guildford, 1706. He married four May 1710 at St Peter Cornhill, London, Mary (d. 1.3) Samuel Austen (1578-1607), baptised at Holy Trinity, Guildford, 7 September 1578; educated at Middle Temple (admitted 1598); succeeded his father as Deputy Chamberlain of the Exchequer, 1602-07; married, 27 August 1599 at St Mary, Whitechapel (Middx), Jane Cranley (who m2, Sir George Stoughton and m3, Sir Thomas Bowyer, 1st bt. John Austen (1590-1660) and his spouse Margaret, daughter of Sir Richard Lewkenor of West Dean (Sussex), baptised at Shalford, 2 May 1632. Educated at Middle Temple (admitted 1652). He married 1st, Ursula (d. Admitted to Middle Temple, 1593. Town Clerk of Guildford, 1567-79; freeman, 1576; Mayor of Guildford, 1579-80, 1588-89 and Apr-Oct, 1600. MP for Haslemere, 1593 and Guildford, 1604-14; treasurer of Surrey musters, 1599; JP for Surrey, 1618-21. Apart from his affect in Guildford, the place his father had also been Mayor and MP, he owed a lot of his public profession to the patronage of Sir William More of Loseley, who he served as a e book-keeper by the 1570s, and who secured his appointment as Clerk of the Peace for the county of Surrey, 1577-85 and c.1598-1617; he was also deputy to More as Chamberlain of Receipt in the Exchequer, 1591-1602, 1607-16. He was something of an antiquary, and wrote an account of the free school at Guildford (of which his father had been one of many founders) and collected and edited the scattered charters and information of Guildford Corporation.

1572), service provider of Guildford, and his spouse Joan (d. He was later mainly a Merchant Adventurer, funding the buying and selling voyages of others, and lived in London until his retirement in c.1598. He was a citizen of London and a member of the Haberdasher's Guild, and spent much of his early adulthood abroad, buying and selling within the Levant and in Venice. This may enhance your estimating expertise, which is crucial in relation to performing your own estimate or reviewing the estimates of building and Carpentry London contractors bidding on your home extension project. There are specific ways that help you recognize the proper individual for the home extension job. Modern homeowners are in search of the highest orangery builders in Surrey to acquire trendy, good and spacious look for their homes. 1582), daughter of William Snelling of East Horsley (Surrey), born at Guildford about 1548. Wool stapler at Guildford. At the top of his life he assisted Archbishop Abbot (whose brother was his son-in-legislation) with the foundation of Trinity Hospital in Guildford.

At his dying, the estate handed to his widow for all times after which to her nephews, Henry and Robert Stoffold, who had been required to take the identify Austen. So if you're searching for the conservatories Surrey then you possibly can refer the experts of Enviro- SE. We're all the time protecting updated with the most recent swimming pool installation strategies and equipment in growth. He was buried at Shalford, 15 May 1728. His widow's date of demise is unknown. Other purchases around Bramley, Dunsfold and Chiddingfold followed, culminating in the purchase (jointly together with his brother John) of the Rectory Manor of Shalford and Bramley in 1599. They commenced constructing Shalford House in 1601. It was completed in 1611. He moved to Shalford after his brother's dying. Austen, Col. John (1588-1660). Eldest surviving son of George Austen (c.1548-1621) and his second spouse, Jane, daughter of Robert Harrison of London, baptised at Holy Trinity, Guildford, 1 December 1588. He appears to have had some involvement with the East India Company, and will have maintained his uncle's activities as a service provider adventurer on a reduced scale.